Cultivating Sibling Relationships

Today is National Sibling Day!!

I have been fortunate to be surrounded by many people who have great relationships with their siblings.

And, unfortunately, this isn't the case for everyone.

I, myself, am very fortunate to have a good relationship with both of my siblings.  About seven years ago, we started blogging, and through our writing, and a series of "sibling assignments" that helped us understand a little bit about one another. 

We also have enjoyed one another's company in the last few years during our "sibling outings" that first started out as day trips, and during the last two summers we have taken longer trips together.

I hope we can continue doing this in the future.  It is a really fun and special time for me.

My husband Paul also has a great relationship with each of his siblings.  He enjoys the times he spends with each of them.  Recently, we were all together for Paul's sister's birthday celebration, and all four of his sibling's were all together.  This, unfortunately, doesn't happen that often.  They enjoyed their time together.

My three daughters have grown up with parents who enjoy their siblings, and I think it has rubbed off.  At least if their Facebook National Sibling Day posts are any indication today.  As a mother, it is such a blessing to have your three daughters love and appreciate one another for the people they are, and that they enjoy talking to one another, and being a part of one another's lives. And they have no hesitation to share their feelings with the world.

Here is a sample of some of the things they shared about one another:

Molly's Post:

National Siblings Day. WARNING SAPPY SISTER STUFF COMING. Zoe: My biggest critic  Distance has served us well dear sister, and you have developed into one of my best friends. For two people who hate talking on the phone we sure talk on the phone with each other a lot. Your creativity, artistry, and talent astound me. You are a strong, intelligent, beautiful, hilarious and wonderful sister. Even though you have a stone cold heart and never cry. (Just kidding I have a particularly tearful voice mail that proves otherwise.) I want you to know that I deeply appreciate your opinion even though it often doesn't seem like it. You know I was worried about you when you went off to college. But I had no reason to. You are doing just fine.  Love you zozo. Cosette: When you were a few days old I didn't understand how anyone thought you were cute. You looked like an alien raisin baby. Being the youngest you have had to go through a lot of torment from us older siblings. And that sucks and I want to say i'm sorry. You never deserved any of it. You have grown into such a great woman. (Ew gross you are still 5). Your passion for school confuses me in the best way possible. You inspire people constantly, and your enthusiasm is unmatched. It's really weird that you are 18, and I need to remember that you are an adult now and can make your own grown up decisions. You are such a talented musician, singer, actress, and athlete. It's almost not fair. You are going to do great things in college, and great things further on in life. Love you Coco loco. Cooky cooks. Little alien baby.

Zoe's Post:

OH boy. National Sibling Day, huh? Well.. I guess it's about time I get served some recognition! But also, I suppose- I might as well say a little something about these sisters of mine. After all, they are pretty great. And I rely on them quite a bit. Not only because I have an awful memory and so without them I would have no recollection of my childhood- but also because they literally two of the coolest ladies I know. Molly- you beautiful, wonderful, nerd. I could write a lot about how special our relationship is- but then I know you would read it and start crying, and so I will keep it short! Thank you for always being there when I need to vent- or geek out about a TV show. Your courage and passion for your job is truly inspiring and I am so very proud of you. 
Cosette- You know, I think I might finally be starting to unravel the mystery that is my baby sister. Thank you for opening up to me and letting me be your friend. You have the sweetest, most compassionate heart- and I can't wait to watch you blossom in college next year. It's nice to know that no matter what I do- you've always got my back and are willing to love me unconditionally. 
I love you both dearly, and decided that instead of doing the impossible and choosing one photo to represent our relationships- I would simply take a handful and put them all into this album. I think it's a fairly good representation
of our feelings! Not to mention it highlights each of our awkward stages!

Cosette's Post:

National Sibling Day is here. I just wrote an huge entire 4 paragraph post... And it all just disappeared.. Anyway, let's see how much I remember about these two incredible ladies. Molly: My big sister. I knew we'd have an interesting relationship since I came out of our mother and you thought I was an alien raisin baby. Thankfully that phase left and it went into the, 'Hi this is my brother Cody' phase. Now, we just happen to be in the 'Hello this is Cosette and she has the best boots  Molly, you are truly inspiring and I love you. You're strong, and beautiful, and oh so talented. I will miss you greatly when I'm away in a few short months, but we will have many chats, and google hangouts, and I will come and visit. I'm sorry I kept you up, I hope you sleep tight 
Zoe: Zoe, I'm honestly kinda glad you went away to college, for numerous reasons, but one being that we have become so much closer since you have. I love being able to open up to you as well. Zoe, you are one of the most talented people I know. You're beautiful on the inside and out, and yet I know you might be critical at times I know that it's just a factor of your love for your little sista  You're amazing Zo, and I love you.
These two wonderful, God loving, incredible woman are the reason I am who I am today. They fill me with hope, love, and wisdom. I don't know what I would do without them. Thank you for being the best big sisters a little sister could ask for. I love you and can't wait to continuing growing old with you 

What great people I am surrounded with in my life.

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