Black Clothes

I am so sick of wearing black clothes.

And gray clothes.

And brown clothes.

It seems like for months and months I have been clothed in these dark colors throughout winter.

I need COLOR.

I need so escape the wintery grayness, and start to embrace the colors of spring.

My living room needs some color.  I have bright yellow walls, but everything else is brown, and it seems exceptionally brown this spring.

My living room is crying out for some color.

I have never felt this way about my living room before in the spring, but I sure am this year.

I have added a few things....some fake forsythia branches in a vase.

A brightly colored painting was moved to a wall in the living room from the kitchen area.

I need some brightly colored curtains.

I need some throw pillows with some pizazz!!

I might purchase some potted flowering plants and set them all over the living room.

Today at Kellogg Middle School, the principal declared it, "Life's A Beach" day, and a lot of faculty and students dressed in Hawaiian clothes.  Now that helped lift the spirits.  I even got to wear my special orange crabby earrings  (and got quite a few compliments on them I might add!!).

I need to make my living space colorful and beautiful.

I need to get creative.

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Nita Jo said...

I've been feeling the same way. I want to add creativity and color to my life. I bought myself a pair of dangly earrings online today, because they had pink ladybugs on them! I'm ready for spring and for change!