One of my secret dreams growing up was being a Broadway Musical star.

I loved listening to the albums we had at home that were the soundtrack from Broadway musicals.

I would sing and dance upstairs in my home, and create my own productions in my head.

I enjoyed going to Spokane while growing up and seeing musicals on stage.

I also enjoyed watching movie musicals.

Two years ago, I finally made it to Broadway.  Well, at least watching a musical on Broadway, and walking down the actual street named Broadway.

Last summer, I returned and visited a few other Broadway stages.

And I have had the opportunity of performing Broadway musicals.

I have performed in "Oklahoma" on the Morrison Center Stage in Boise, Idaho, and performed "Godspell" and "I Do! I Do!" at the Sixth Street stage in Wallace, Idaho.

But the first musical I performed in that had been performed on Broadway was my senior year at Kellogg High School. It was "You're A Good Man Charlie Brown".  It was one of the biggest highlights of my senior year in high school.  I played Lucy, and I had a ball!!

Well, Charlie Brown has now come full circle.  Now I am in the midst of directing "You're A Good Man Charlie Brown" with my husband Paul who is the KHS Drama teacher.  And, instead of me playing the role of Lucy, my daughter Cosette is playing Lucy in her senior year at KHS.  (She is also wearing the same dress I wore when I was Lucy, back in 1981!)

There are actually two versions of this musical.  When I was in high school, there was only one version, and so we did the original one.

We decided to do the updated version.  The original had a character names Violet.  This version has Sally instead.  There are all of the original numbers in the updated one, but they also added some new songs as well.

It has been so wonderful seeing each person become their character.

Wyatt Sepa-Newell is Charlie Brown.  Wyatt was born to be on Broadway, and he just might do it.  I have worked with him for many years in the Sixth Street Theater, and have watched him grow up on the stage. 

Cosette Roberts is Lucy.  She is making her mama so proud.  She belts out her songs just like I did 33 years ago on that same stage.  I can't tell you what a joy it is to have her a part of this production, and a fun way to spend part of her senior year in high school working on this together.

Crystal Chambliss is Snoopy.  Crystal is such a hard worker, and has put a lot of effort in developing a fun Snoopy character.  And you get to see her tap dance, too!!

Ryan Klette is Schroeder.  Ryan had a great voice, and had really relaxed into the character of Schroeder.  He is doing a great job for his first time being on stage.

Heather Bermel is Sally.  She has the right amount of feistiness for this role, and has a great singing voice, too.  She has wanted to be in a musical for her senior year for that last two years, so I'm glad she was able to do this one.

Bruce Allred is Linus.  Bruce has learned a lot about performing on stage, and singing and projecting his voice, and has come such a long ways from when rehearsals began.  He is doing such a good job, and is having a really good time. 

 Tonight at rehearsal we had some Sunnyside Elementary students come and watch rehearsal, and were a great audience for your young performers.

I am so thankful to Paul for giving me the opportunity to help direct this production, and I am so thankful to have the privilege of working with this wonderful group of students.

If you have a chance, and are in the neighborhood, come watch them perform "You're A Good Man Charlie Brown" at 7 p.m. on May 1, 2, 5 and 6 on the KHS stage.  The cost is $5.00.

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