Sorority Living

This weekend the sorority I lived in at the University of Idaho is celebrating their 85th anniversary on the U of I campus.

I am not there.

I chose, instead, to accompany my youngest daughter on a trip to Seattle as part of her last band trip before she graduates from high school next month.

But all the Facebook posts from sorority sisters anticipating the reunion, and running into sorority sisters at Vandal Friday has recently got me thinking about my time living in the Delta Delta Delta sorority.

My sister was a member of this sorority, and I visited her one spring break and spent a few days there when I was in grade school.

When I decided to attend the University of Idaho, I followed in my sister's footsteps and went through sorority rush.  And I ended up in the Tri-Delt house.

I had a really great pledge class, and made some life long friends that I am missing seeing this weekend.  But I know our paths will cross in the future, and, for that I am very thankful.

Living in a house with 60 different girls with 60 different personalities can be a challenge.  Sorority life it certainly not for everyone.  And there were times when things happened, and I questioned my decision to stay in the house.

But, in the end, I am glad I stuck it out, and stayed all four years.  And I am glad I still keep in touch with many of my sorority sisters.  And even those I don't see that often, when you do run into one another, it is like you just pick up where you left off from when you saw them before.

Being a Tri-Delt helped shape me into who I am today.  The Tri-Delta motto is "Let Us Steadfastly Love On Another", and I don't think you truly understand the motto until you are older. 

One example of this was a year ago, when I met with three of my pledge sisters at a restaurant for dinner in Sun Valley, Idaho.  I was there for a conference, and had made plans to meet with two of my friends who lived in the area to have dinner.  That day, I ran into another pledge sister at the same conference , and asked her to come along and surprise the other two.  What a lovely time, and we all truly shared our love and friendship with one another.  Living together in the sorority gives us a connection that will always be there, no matter how many years pass between visits.

Happy 85th Anniversary Theta Tau Chapter of Delta Delta Delta.  I have never regretted becoming one of your members.

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