Gathering Graces 12/9/2017

*We are starting to look a little bit like Christmas around our house today. Paul and I headed to ACE Hardware and purchased some lights to put on the house outside. We got once string of lights up, but ran out of the hangers you use to attach them to the gutters. This afternoon we returned to ACE and Paul got more hangers, and put the other string of lights up. I got Joseph, Mary and Baby Jesus on his straw set up today, too.
*I decided to drag all of our Christmas stuff our of the basement storage area into the main area in the basement to assess what we had, what we had acquired from Mom, and what we will be using this year, and possibly tossing. It hope tomorrow I at least get lights on the Christmas tree. I keep going back and forth, whether to put white lights or colored lights on the tree. Since all the other lights in the living room area will be white, I think colored lights on the tree has won out.
*We headed up the the theater to perform in the afternoon matinee. One cast member thought the show was this evening, but fortunately they lived close to the theater, and arrived and got dressed in plenty of time. We had a nice crowd today, and it was fun having a few little kids in the audience. One little boy was beaming throughout the whole performance!!
*We got home and relaxed a bit before heading over to Christy and Everett’s house for family dinner, with Bill and Debbie. Christy prepared a delicious pork tenderloin with some cheesy potatoes and bread and stuffed celery, and some pretzel buttons for dessert. It was a nice gathering and meal. We stopped by Bill and Debbie’s house after we ate so Paul could see the transformation so far. I am so excited to see it all done.

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