Gathering Graces 12/19/2017

*Nikki and I made it to KHS for our morning walk. It felt good to get moving this morning.
*The rest of the morning was spent getting packages wrapped for Paul’s family for him to take with him on the plane to Meridian. And a few of our own packages got wrapped, too, and put under the tree.
*My friend Kellee and I ventured over to the Hill Street Depot for lunch. I had a bowl of their Chicken Curry soup in a bread bowl. It was SO DELICIOUS!! It was so creamy and flavorful, with a hint of coconut flavor, and it hit the spot. Kellee and I enjoyed visiting and catching up.
*After lunch Kellee came over to my house, and we exchanged gifts, and then I had a surprise for her. I set it up so we could call and talk to April M Lee over in Italy through Facebook Messenger. It was so fun to talk to her for a little bit, and it was good for all of us!!
*The afternoon was spent tidying things up and cooking up some pasta, sauce and meatballs for our Sixth Street Melodrama Board Christmas party that we hosted tonight. We made the main dish, and everyone brings something to share to eat as well. We have a meeting, and then a fun gift exchange. What a wonderful group of people who are a part of the board, and it was nice to share an evening with them.
*We got to bed fairly early because Paul would be waking up around 3 a.m. so he could drive to the airport for a 6 a.m. flight to Boise tomorrow morning. He is going to spend a few days with his Mom and Dad, then he and Zoe will fly back together on Friday night. Everyone else will arrive Friday night as well, and we will all be together once again.

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