Gathering Graces 12/13/2017

*Our community does such wonderful things to remember loved ones who have passed. Tonight Hospice of North Idaho had the 36th Annual Tree Lighting Ceremony at Mountain View Congregational Church. Bill, Christy, Paul and I all attended. It was a wonderful service that helped reflect on the grief we are experiencing, and how that is a good thing. Through the music and the speakers, each thing we heard was a comfort and encouragement. At the top of the flyer we received, this poem was written:
Our Wish
We wish Peace to soothe you,
Grace to hold you, and
Love to comfort you.
You are in our hearts each holiday season
as you bravely navigate the time of year
without your loved ones.
*It is nice to know there is a group of people who are there to help you and encouragement, and provide counseling if needed through this difficult time. It was nice seeing Mom’s Hospice CNA Liz, and her Nurse Andrea. They both provided Mom with wonderful care in her final weeks, and our family was so grateful to Hospice for all they did.
*After the service we went across the street and Christy had made an Italian Roast dinner in the crockpot. It was very delicious. But Paul and I were wiped out and ready to head home.
*I stayed home again today and rested. Still coughing and stuffy nose. Ugh! Prayers for healing are appreciated so this will pass.

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