Gathering Graces 12/28/2017

*I love snow, and I love it when I can sit inside and watch it fall, and I love to watch it cover my yard and house. I think it is beautiful. Especially when I don’t have to drive a very long distance in it. So today I am enjoying it for what it is...a winter storm dropping many inches of snow during a time when I can be in my home watching it fall.
*There was talk the day before of building a snowman. Sometime after noon, Zoe rallied Travis and Cosette to help her make a snow man. Well, it ended up not being a snow man really...it was more of a snow creature. Paul was out shoveling snow when this was going on, then Molly and I ventured out to take a look at the snow creature as well. My sister-in-law Robin was not impressed by the snow creature. She offered to send directions on how to make a proper snowman!!
The Snow Creature
*Sadie, Toby and Archie all had appointments to see Dr. Cook at Kellogg Pet Medical Center. Sadie had to have her teeth checked and blood work done to check her liver levels. We took Toby in to learn how to use a monitor to check his blood glucose levels because of his diabetes. And Archie was there for a toenail trim. Tina said in the past Archie needed to be sedated for the TNT. Not at KPMC...two of their staff were able to get Archie’s nails trimmed in no time, and without sedation!!
*I had cooked some chicken breasts before Christmas, and they needed to be eaten up, so I decided to use them for tacos tonight. Paul prepared the corn tortillas, and we had fresh chopped cabbage, cilantro, pineapple, cucumbers, pico de gallo, green onions, lime and I made some Queso cheese dip to go on the tacos or to eat with chips. They were very delicious!!
*Our family received a couple of games for Christmas that we have been enjoying playing. The night before we played Sushi Go, a card game that gives you points depending on the types of, and how many kinds of sushi you have in your hand. It also makes you crave sushi!! We also received Harry Potter Clue. This game is set in Hogwarts, and the victims are the students, and the suspects are many of the darker characters from the Harry Potter movies. It has been fun to play this game together as well.
*Clark our cat was limping when we got up this morning. It seems like something may be stuck in one of his paws. We know it must be hurting when he didn’t want to go outside at all yesterday.
*I have finally been able to let myself relax and be a little lazy the past few days. It has been good to just be able to sit around, lay around, and just be.
*Today both cars are now in good shape. Our Chrysler needed new brakes and some adjustment by one of the tires, and the capable employees at our local Les Schwab Center took care of that today. Both cars also got serviced and an oil change at Dave Smith Motors. I am glad both cars are in good working order.
*I purchased a new phone that arrived before Christmas, but my initial try of activating it was not successful. I set it aside for a few days, and today I got on my computer and did a few things, and all of a sudden, it worked. So now I have a Google Pixel 2 to play around with. The camera has all kinds of interesting features. And it has a Google Assistant that I have no idea how to use yet. But it will be nice to have more storage space, which seemed to all of a sudden be lacking in my old phone.
*Having everyone here under one roof for the week is so wonderful! We have just kind of been going with the flow, and it has been nice. I cherish these moments, and try and not take it for granted.

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