Gathering Graces 12/15/2017

*One of the nice things about being sick is being forced to slow down and relax.  I have enjoyed reading a book I have wanted to finish, and snuggling with my pets.
*Paul went to Yokes after he got home from work and bought some crab legs and steak for dinner. It was so delicious. That kind of meal has to help me feel better!!
*I gave Paul one of those robot vacuum cleaners for his birthday.  It is like vacuuming and playing a video game at the same time.  Ours is a bobsweep.  I spent part of the evening maneuvering it around the living room, getting the floor clean as I get ready to put up Christmas decorations tomorrow.
*Kellogg turned into a winter wonderland today as the snow fell throughout the day.  We probably received about 3-4 inches.  It is beautiful outside.

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