Gathering Graces 12/21/2017

*Another calm, yet productive day. All but one Christmas card was sent out today. I roasted two turkeys for our annual Community Christmas dinner that will be served on Christmas day. I baked some chocolate chip cookies.
*I am having an unplanned Friends marathon. I have watched about 20 episodes in the last two days. The show does make me laugh.
*Throughout the day I received messages from people on Facebook who I had asked to give me their mailing address. I heard from New York City, Boise, Spokane, Battleground, Washington, and Gilbert, Arizona. It was fun getting these messages and hearing from these people.
*Paul called in the morning, and I read our Advent devotion. We also had a nice visit. Later in the day, everyone left messages about their day, and now Paul, because he now is a Smart Phone user, now can Vox all on his own. He and his dad went to the Verizon store in Meridian and got it all set up.
*Around 6 p.m. I ventured out of my sequestered lifestyle and joined Christy and Everett at Bill and Debbie’s house for Apple Cranberry Pie for Debbie’s birthday celebration. It was fun seeing Bill and Debbie’s kitchen with new counters and new appliances, and to visit for a while. Then I went over to Christy’s house and saw her shed that had been painted on the inside, and we all enjoyed a hot buttered rum. Then I came home to finish up baking cookies and roasting and carving turkeys.
*It has been a nice, quiet couple of days at home, and I have really enjoyed the time spent alone. Everyone arrives home tomorrow night, and I am looking forward to all the arrivals!!

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