Gathering Graces 12/5/2017

*I was a bit tired. I was a bit grouchy. But I persevered and made it through the day. I think it was helped by the fact I was called the “Christmas Queen” when I arrived at work by some of my co-workers.
*Tomorrow is “Poinsettia Day” when the poinsettias the NHS members sold arrive and we organize and distribute them tomorrow. So I helped get that organized some today.
*One of the seniors and her parents came in after school to talk about her college plans, and to make sure she is getting everything done she needs done. She is actually doing really great, and it on top of everything she should be doing regarding college applications, FAFSA and scholarship applications. I have a couple of seniors who are the total opposite of being procrastinators, and it is rather refreshing working with students who get things done early, and not wait until the last minute.
*We added lights to the rehearsal tonight, and we should be good to go for our first dress rehearsal tomorrow night. Then another dress on Thursday, and opening night on Friday at 7.
*I have been getting my Aaron Sorkin fix lately by watching Studio 6o on the Sunset Strip. This show aired for one season in 2006-2007, and is about running a late night comedy show similar to Saturday Night Live, but this one is set in Los Angeles. I loved the show and I wish it could have gone longer. But, since it didn’t, I have it on DVD, and enjoy this one season every so often. I especially love the pairing of Matthew Perry and Bradley Whitford as the shows head writer and producer. And it is fun to see other familiar faces from The West Wing show up throughout the season as well.

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