Gathering Graces 12/14/2017

*I stayed home again today.  I had to cancel my hair appointment and reschedule.  I rested a lot today, and read my book.  A warm bath really was nice.  I could breathe easily and not cough as much when I was taking a bath.
*A highlight of the day was when Paul arrived home from school bearing some wrapped gifts for me to open from my Secret Pal at school.  I received a nice card, plus a gift certificate from a local coffee stand, some comfy socks, a Christmas ornament, and a red Christmas truck full of lots of goodies.  I am going to take the red truck and use it as part of my Christmas decorations.
*Paul and I both had Mexican food on our minds tonight, and he called in an order to Casa d’Oro and we both enjoyed burritos for dinner.
*I had promised some students I would write them letters of recommendation and would have them delivered before Christmas break.  So I worked on those, and got them completed, and Paul will deliver them to the students tomorrow.
*I went to bed hoping I sleep well tonight and feel better tomorrow.  Paul prayed over me before we fell asleep, which was a source of great comfort as I closed my eyes to rest.


Cedar Street Kid said...

Nice to catch up on my reading, and it is great to see that you are still blogging. Merry Christmas to you and Paul. I always know that part of my mother lives on through you and your family. God bless you and keep you in His loving arms

Carol Roberts said...

Thanks so much for commenting, and I am glad you found my blog once again!! Yes, I still have many of your mom's things around, and some I still hope to use in the future. I am glad she lives on here in Kellogg. Bless you as well, and have a very Merry Christmas.