Gathering Graces 6/2/2018

*Congratulations to the KHS Class of 2018 on  your graduation today.  It was a wonderful ceremony, and I was proud of each and every one of them.
Fun times at grad parties
*After the ceremony, Paul and I had a mission.  We needed to attend six parties in three hours, so we could make it to the Snake Pit restaurant for a family dinner by 6:30 p.m.  Did we succeed?  Not quite.  Yes, we did make it to the six parties, but we left the last party about 6:30, and didn’t make it to dinner until about 7. 
*What a perfect day for graduation.  I loved visiting throughout the day with the graduates and their family and friends, and seeing former students and catching up, and enjoying a beautiful day.  And I enjoyed seeing what beautiful places some of the students and their families live.  The Silver Valley really is a special place to live.
*I had to take photos today of two young ladies who really made this year enjoyable, especially toward the end of the day.  (These are the two ladies in the main photo at the top).  Angelique Teranova and Desiree Margarette Beach did not have a seventh period class, so they would often come to my office and hang out until they got a ride home at the end of the school day.  They made me understand a little bit about the ups and downs that happen in the life of a senior girl.  I will miss them both.  I don’t think they realized what an impact they made on me this past year.  Love you girls!!
*The dinner at The Snake Pit was very enjoyable.  Our nephew Patrick Hennessey is in town, visiting from Portland.  It was a birthday celebration for Patrick as well.  I really enjoyed my dinner.  They serve a salmon fillet two ways, either charbroiled on the grill, or smoked.  I got the smoked salmon, and it was delicious.  And the green beans they served with the meal were kind of spicy, and very delicious.  I really enjoyed my meal. 

Ending the evening getting photo bombed by Farrah Fawcett at The Hill Street Depot.
*We ended the evening at The Hill Street Depot.  Paul dropped me off, and went home to take care of the animals, then walked back.  I was glad he did, because that meant we got to enjoy a pleasant walk home together on a beautiful evening.

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