Gathering Graces 6/18/18

*It felt SO GOOD to get out and take a morning walk this morning.  With Nikki traveling to Hawaii, and my morning schedule, we haven’t been able to walk together for a few weeks.  It felt so good to start off my morning with a walk.
*I enjoyed some coffee when I returned home, and worked on some school items before getting ready to head to the Sierra Silver Mine Tour office.  We had a busy day today, with four groups of students from the PASS program at Pinehurst Elementary coming to take the tour.  It was fun seeing some of the students I had that had participated in the drama program last spring.  I got lots of hugs, which made my day!!
*One of the favorite parts of my job it meeting people and listening to their stories.  If it isn’t too busy, I often get the chance to talk a little more to visitors to the mine tour.  Today I asked a women where she was from, and she said originally from Georgia, but for the last nine years, she has traveled around in her RV, and now she is from wherever she has her RV parked.  She had not spent much time in Idaho, but has been in this area since the beginning of May, enjoying all the area has to offer.  She like riding the “Rails to Trails” on her bike, and I think she was going to ride the Hiawatha Trail today.  I asked her where her favorite place has been that she has stayed.  She said she used to answer that question by saying the Oregon Coast.  But recently she drove to Newfoundland, and really enjoyed visiting there.  I enjoyed talking to her about her adventures.
*Debbie and Bill arrived back from their trip, and Debbie came and picked up Maggie and Charley to take them back home.  They were fun to have around these past few days, and were wonderful house guests.

Paul, Charley and Maggie
*Before I left for work this morning, Paul went to our local ACE Hardware store and purchased a new gas grill.  We had been doing some research on them, and looked at various locations to purchase one, but decided on one at ACE.  By the end of the day, assembled grill had been delivered by Ace Hardware in Kellogg to our door.  Paul said, after looking at the assembly directions, that he was glad they assembled the grill!!  It is a Weber Spirit E-210 2 Burner Propane Grill.  It has a ten year warranty, and is just the right size for the two of us.  To christen the grill, Paul cooked some steaks and grilled some romaine lettuce.  It was delicious.  And I look forward to many more meals cooked on our new gas grill.

Our new Weber gas grill!!

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