Gathering Graces 6/1/2018

*This morning I got to do one of my favorite things....read to children.  Mrs. Jerome, a third grade teacher at Pinehurst Elementary, emailed me a couple weeks ago asking if I would come in and read her students a story, and possibly do an activity with them.  I, of course, could not turn down such a request.  After going downstairs and perusing our collection of children’s picture books, I decided to read The Velveteen Rabbit.   I also had my own stuffed bunny to bring along.  Before I read the story, I gave each student a sheet with a bunny on it, and I wanted them to write things on the sheet about the ways friendship was shown in this book.  Not only did we get in a discussion about friendship, but I told them how, when I was their age, I used to have my bed filled with stuffed animals that I would sleep with every night.  Then I got to hear lots of stories about their stuffed animals, and one boy said he likes to put them under his bed, and crawl under there with them, and have a flashlight, kind of like a cave.

Mrs. Jerome and me
*Mrs. Jerome is the former Jaime Lewis.  Her and Zoe grew up together, and spent a lot of time together when they were younger.  Her grandparents, Dale and Margie Lewis, were friends of my parents, and Dale was my Math teacher in junior high.  Margie and I were on the Staff House Museum board together.  Jaime’s mom Wendi was Mom’s student when she was in grade school.  Jaime was also in my first group of Gear Up students I worked with, graduating from KHS in 2012.  She was one student I knew that would follow her goals and dreams after she graduated from high school and attended LCSC.  I was right!! She was a hard worker, and is now a wonderful third grade teacher.
*When I returned home from Pinehurst Elementary, there was a flurry of activity.  We had a crew in our backyard cutting down our birch tree in the back corner of our back yard.  Unfortunately, the base of the tree was not stable, and could be blown over if we had a strong wind.  We really did not want that to happen, so we decided to have it cut down.  So, with the help of Brian White and his crew, the tree came down.  (I highly recommend this group if you need a tree cut down.  His business is called White Services.)  They recently cut down our neighbor’s tree, and so Paul had them look at the trees in our yard, and he determined this one should come down.  He will probably come and prune our Linden tree in the fall as well.  Brian is a very nice guy, and we have enjoyed working with him.


*There is an upside to having the tree down (besides it not crashing down in a wind storm.)  Birch wood and birch bark can be used to make really cool things.  So I am now on the hunt for cool items to create using birch bark!!  Plus, we have more fire wood.  And the stump is rather large, and we have some ideas on what we are going to do with the stump as well.
*When Paul arrived home today, we jumped in the car and headed to Coeur d’Alene to do some shopping.  I had some tops to pick up at JCPenney’s, and we also needed to go to Costco for some shopping.  We did a trip to Lowe’s to look at some things as well.  A very productive trip!
*We got home, and I filled out graduation cards for some of the seniors whose parties we will be attending tomorrow, then I was ready for bed, because it had been a very fun and very eventful day.

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