Gathering Graces 6/17/2018

*Today was a wonderful celebration of Father’s Day!!
*The morning began at church with a special recognition of our graduates.  Cosette, along with Matt and Kira Langer, and Gordan Bair were honored as college graduates, and Gracie Miller was honored as an 8th Grade graduate.  It was a wonderful time of celebration.
*After church, we had a wonderful dinner around 2 p.m.  Gathered around our Father’s Day table were three fathers that we honored today.  One was Paul, one was my brother-in-law Everett, and one was Cosette’s boyfriend Taylor, who was with us for the day with his beautiful daughter Saphire.  We had a wonder meal of baked steelhead trout, salad, asparagus, zucchini, steamed clams, and some pickles, olives, and other goodies.  It was a nice time.
*After we ate we did a “Google Hangout” with Zoe from Boise.  It was fun having her be a part of the festivities, even though she was miles away.  We wish she could have been here.   While we were talking to Zoe, Paul shared some special writings with his daughters.  He had written a sonnet for Molly when she graduated from high school, and shared it with her at her graduation ceremony we had up at the Sixth Street Theater.  He read that for her today.  Recently, he wrote a sonnet for Zoe and a vilanell for Cosette.  Each selection made each of the girls cry.  What a special thing to have a kind and loving father write a special poem for them.  I love seeing the relationship Paul has with each of his daughters.  Each is very unique and special.  They each posted beautiful tributes to Paul on Facebook today as well.
*Taylor and Cosette drove Molly back to Post Falls, and then they headed back to Moscow.  Paul and I worked on some little projects around the house, and then headed to bed.  It was a great day!!  God is good.....all the time!

Great group for a Father's Day celebration!!

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