Gathering Graces 6/19/2018

*One year ago today, I embarked on a magical adventure to Italy to visit my friend April M Lee and her husband Eric Lee at Villa Magnolia in Barbarasco.  I was accompanied by my lifelong friend Kellee Crall Mills, and my new friend Tina Marshall.  Barbie also made the journey.  So much happened in the three weeks I was in Italy, both at home and abroad.  I still think I haven’t processed it all. I met some new friends including Sherri Melson, Alan Balzano, Ivana Elia, Anna Masotti, Lucia Bonotti, and Federica Furia.  To me, that was what touched my heart the most during the whole time in Italy, was those moments of meeting people in Barbarasco and being a part of village life.  So much has changed in all of our lives in this past year...big, life changing events.  I am so thankful to April and Eric for giving me the opportunity to visit them at their new home, and be a part of their first retreat.  Next time Paul will be accompanying me to Italy, and I can’t wait to experience this beautiful country with him.
*After my walk this morning and my morning coffee, it was off to the dentist to get a filling.  For some reason, I need triple the dose of Novocaine to numb my mouth, so my trips to the dentist tend to be longer than normal because of this anomaly.  I finally got home around 10 a.m., and was wiped out.  So I didn’t do a whole lot today, which was fine by me.  This was the first day I have had for quite some time that I had a day at home to do a whole lot of nothing.   
*I guess I did accomplish a couple of work related items throughout the day.  I submitted some final Gear Up data.  I went to KHS to scan some documents so I could submit a Gear Up invoice.  I brought some more things home from my office at KHS.  I worked on the Sierra Silver Mine Tour Facebook page.  And I set up a birthday fund-raiser for the Sixth Street Melodrama on Facebook to raise $550 for the theater for my 55th birthday.  In July, the production they are performing is one I wrote about 12 years ago, and so I thought it would be fun to see if I could raise some money for the theater.  The name of the melodrama being performed is Nightmare at Dream Gulch, or...Wake Me When It’s Over.  So if you have a spare $5 or so, and want to donate, please do!! 

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