Star Wars

Yesterday and today I watched the original Star Wars movies.  Well, the originals with modifications.

I had been wanting to watch all three of the first movies, A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi for some time.  I found all our three VHS tapes, (yes, believe it or not, we still use VHS tapes), and the tracking was off on our VHS player.  So I promptly do what anyone does who wants instant gratification, I found a DVD set on Amazon, and had it shipped to me.

So yesterday I watched the first two of this series, and today I watched the final one.  That is the best way to watch them...one right after the other.

All I can say is, George Lucas is a genius.

I remember the first time I watched Star Wars.  I was in high school I think and was at the Drive-In movie in Smelterville.  Probably not the best place to watch this kind of movie.  I didn't get one thing about this movie.

I later watched it again, and it made more sense.  Then, as the following movies came out, they became some of my favorites.

Besides some of the special effects, Star Wars does not seem dated to me at all.  I love how you fall in love with the characters, even the muppet characters.  Yoda, the Ewoks, Chewbaka the Wookie.....they were all great characters.

Then you have slimey Jabba the Hutt, and various other low life aliens that are introduced in the bar seen at the beginning in the first movie.

And the fondness you feel toward the droids, R2D2 and C3PO.

Besides the characters, it is a good story.  Good vs. evil.  Action. Love. Romance. Surprises.  It is all there.

Now, there were a few modifications in the DVD series from the original.  I hadn't watched them in a while, so I wasn't sure if I wasn't remembering things, or if things had been changed.  But the end of the third movie was very obviously changed, as well as some other things in the other two episodes.

When something has been around as long as Star Wars has, and new generations of kids are enjoying it as much as their parents did when they were younger, you know you have something good.

Now I need to go back and watch the first three episodes. Then I'll be ready for the Episode VII coming out in 2015.

Time to check out amazon.com again!!


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