Meridian, Idaho

For nine years of my life, I spent living in the town of Meridian, Idaho.

It was an interesting time in my life.

It was my "stay at home mom" time in my life.

I didn't work outside the home.

I had three main things in my life at the time.

Wife and Mother.

I was involved in my church.

I was a school volunteer.

And that was a lot of what I did.

And through my involvement in church, I became close to many women in the church, women who had a big impact on my life.

One of those women is here with me this weekend for a retreat at my sister's house, overlooking the beautiful Lake Roosevelt in eastern Washington.  I call her April #2.  (I have three friend's named April in my life.  I met her second, she is April #2.)

We are here to jump start our creativity, and help her start a blog.  We are here on retreat.

Plans changed a bit in the way it started.  She was suppose to arrive in Spokane at the airport yesterday at about 6:30 p.m., but her plane was delayed, and she arrived at 11 p.m.  So we stayed in Spokane at a motel.  This morning we did a little retail therapy and had a wonderful time saving lots of money!!

We arrived at my sister's house tonight and have had a wonderful time visiting, touring my sister's gardens, eating good food, and modeling funky clothes I bought today.

I look forward to the rest of our weekend, and seeing what transpires.

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