Preparing the Garden

Today is one of my favorite days of the year.  It is the day I plant my vegetable garden.  I am a little later than usual this year, but I finally had the chance to get it all planted today.
I have five raised beds.  In Box #1 I planted Green Arrow Peas and Fordhook Giant Swiss Chard.

Box #2 is my "Salad Box".  I planted Buttercrunch Lettuce, Gourmet Blend Lettuce, Kale and Mesclun.

If you see the poles, you can probably guess that Box #3 has Blue Lake Stringless Beans and also some Sparkler White Tip Radishes.

 In the four corners of Box #4 I planted four Sunflower Plants.  There is also Dark Zucchini Squash and Cherry Belle Radishes.

In the final box, Box #5, I have one more Sunflower plant, Early Prolific Straightneck Squash, Chiogga Beets, and Swiss Chard Rainbow.

Up against the fence I planted four tomato plants, three Roma Tomatoes and one Better Boy.
I bring my house plants out each summer and put them on the patio.  They get revitalized during the summer.  I take care of them much better when they are outdoors.
I planted my fifth Beefsteak Tomato plant in a pot in one of my flower beds.  We'll see how it does.

 My flower bed by the back porch.
 Basil is one of my favorite herbs, and I find if I put them in small pots on the patio, they grow really well all summer long.
 Chives growing in the lid of our old Weber BBQ Grill.
 A geranium on a broken chair.
I still need to plant flowers in the black pots, and old BBQ, and the toilet.
 I planted marigolds in the small pots.
 One of the first blooms on one of my two clematis plants.  The other one has dark purple blossoms.
 Garden in front of the patio.
 More flowers, including many Columbine plants, one of my favorites.
 Beautiful Willow shrub.
 Pincushion flower.
 First rose blossom
 Rose bud.
Pine tree Coco received when she went to Vandal Friday.

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