I have done a variety of fasts in my lifetime.

Some were spiritual, such as the Daniel Fast I did several years at the beginning of the year.  This was based on the scripture in the book of Daniel in the Bible where Daniel talked about the type of food he ate, which was fruit, vegetables and grain.  No meat.  No dairy.  No rich food.

It usually went for 21 days, and you focused on praying even more than you usually did and seeking Godly counsel and wisdom during this time.  It was always a very beneficial spiritual time.

Today is day two of my sugar and meat fast.  I am avoiding white processed sugar and high fructose corn syrup through the summer, until Labor Day.  I am also eating no meat except fish.  It is kind of an experiment I want to do with my body and my health to see how I feel eliminating those items.

I am back to drinking protein shakes in the morning.  Fortunately my mom already has lettuce growing in her garden, so we have a supply of plenty of lettuce, since mine won't be planted until tomorrow.

It felt good declining a piece of candy today when offered, saying I was doing a "No Sugar" summer.

One of my daughters asked about what I would eat for my birthday?  I said we could make something with honey....I will eat honey, and other natural forms of sweeteners.

I'm looking forward to this experiment. 

My summer is full of so many possibilities, I can't wait to see what comes of it.  And eating this way is part of the adventure!

So tonight I enjoyed a large salad, steamed clams and butter, and bruschetta.  And for dessert I had a handful of mixed nuts.  Delicious.

If anyone has some no sugar recipes or no meat recipes you particularly enjoy and want to send them my way to try them, I would love for you to share.

My No Sugar Summer has finally begun!!

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