Photo Projects

One of the things I want to do this summer is work on some photo projects.

I have some frames I purchased after Christmas, and have some other ideas for using photos I have taken over the years, as well as taking new photos.

I would like to learn more about photography, and the kind of photography I think I would like to pursue.

My sister loves taking photos of nature.

My brother enjoys people and things around cities.

I'm not sure what my favorite type of photos to take are, yet.

I have mentioned my Tri Color Beech tree in our backyard.  I may do some photo projects with some photos of this tree.  A friend today suggested I take photos of three tree in each of the four seasons and print them off on canvas and display them.  I have already taken those photos.  Here is our tree about 7 years ago in four different seasons.  I am seriously thinking about doing as my friend suggested.

Here is the tree I am talking about.

I have other ideas as well.

But first I need to get my creative space organized.  That is a project that needs done before this project can begin.  To be honest, this is a project that I have needed to do for the past two years.

So, on my list of Things to Do in the Summer of 2014:

Organize the room where I will have my home office and creative space.

That project begins tomorrow.


april said...

hooray for the creative space!

Christy Woolum said...

Yes...I look forward to seeing your creative space. When you come up I gave some photo books that may help you.