Making People Smile

It has been a long weekend, and today I was dragging.

I kept catching myself dozing off at work while working on the computer.

So as I was relaxing her on our loveseat tonight, I get a text on my phone that started an exchange of me and two friends that brought a smile to my face.

It was between two of my friends who are probably the two friends I have known the longest in my life.  I think I met them when I was three and four years old.

The text exchange started when one friend was lamenting the loss of her cell phone.  Because of work she had to upgrade to an iPhone.  But she loved her little flip phone with the keyboard....the Samsung Evergreen.

As we lamented the loss of the phone with our friend, she mentioned not know how to use Emoticons.  One of her daughters proceeded to tell her how they worked.

Then the three of us had a texting exchange using Emoticons.  I kept giggling over here on the loveseat, and my two daughters kept wondering what was going on.

But to describe this exchange in words didn't give the humor of the moment justice.  It was lost in translation.

But the topics of the emoticons went from teary faces mourning the passing of the Samsung Evergreen, to exercise, to celebrating, and going to the bathroom. 

We realized you can communicate quite a bit using the Emoticons.

So this is how I was made to smile tonight.

Having a goofy texting exchange with the two friends I have known the longest, and ending the evening chuckling, laughing and smiling at our goofiness.

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