Most of the time, we adopt our cats.

But sometimes, we are the ones who are adopted.

We didn't adopt our cat Benjamin....she adopted us.

We lived uptown on in our house on McKinley Avenue, and all of a sudden this black cat showed up in our yard.  (I always thought someone down at the Shoshone Apartments owned her, and moved and left her, so she ended up in our yard.  It may not be true, but that is what I always thought happened.)

Zoe took a liking to this black cat right away.  She named the cat Benjamin.  This was before we new Benjamin was a girl.  So the girl's Aunt Debbie did tell them about the word "Benjamine" which is the French feminine form of Benjamin, so we often pronounced this cat's name how the French would, to make her more feminine.

Benjamin was the cat the other cats didn't like.  She was the outcast cat.  She was especially not like by our one male cat at the time, Milo, who would often fight with Benjamin.  Once Milo left, the animosity toward Benjamin toned down a bit by the other cats.  But there is still little fights every so often.  We aren't sure why Benjamin is the odd cat out.

Benjamin remind you of a rag dog.  She is very floppy, and feels really light when you pick her up.  Some of our cats aren't really light on their feet.  Benjamin is light on her feet.

She has the most beautiful green eyes.  She is a beautiful cat.

And we are glad that she adopted us, and is now our beautiful cat.

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