For the last few days we have been able to gather together in the evening at our home with my mom, my brother and his wife and my sister to share meals, laughter, and make memories.

My sister came down to Kellogg to spend a few days with our brother Bill and his wife Debbie before they continue their journey east to live in the Washington D.C. area, in Virginia.  They are moving to be closer to their two daughters and three grandchildren.

These last few days have been very precious since we were all able to be together.  We did miss my sister's husband Everett who had to stay at home to help a friend who is having surgery.

Here are a few photos or our family time together.

 Sister-in-law Debbie always creating something. 
She is knitting a beautiful blanket on her journey east.
 Molly acting silly.
 Uncle Bill acting silly.
 Reenacting a portrait that was taken of us back in 1977.

 Trying not to laugh (TNTL) when taking photos with Mom.
Bill and Paul enjoying our delicious dinner and conversation.

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Nita Jo said...

It looks like you had a beautiful time together. You are blessed with such a wonderful extended family. Thank you for sharing moments like these!