If you are part of the "Internet World" the phrase "pin it" has come to have its' very own meaning.

If you haven't discovered "Pinterest" it is a website that is like an electronic bulletin board.

Here is how it works.  You create a Pinterest account, and then create boards.  On each board, you "pin" things.

It is a way to keep all those great ideas you find while surfing the web.  So instead of just bookmarking it on your computer, you can now just click on a picture or idea or project, and "pin" it to one of your boards.

If you visit my Pinterest board, I currently have 14 boards.  They are:

*My Crafty Board
*Some of My Favorite Reads
*Books About Idaho's Silver Valley
*Recipes I Want To Try
*Recipes You Should Try
*My Faith in Jesus Christ
*Daniel Fast Recipes
*Ideas for Bottles
*Things To Think About
*Candy Cane/Peppermint Ideas
*Creative Space Ideas
*Lentil Recipes
*Peaches Garden Space
*Yard and Garden Ideas--General

I just added a new one today.
*Pottery Ideas

So, if I find anything to do with any of these categories, I can click on the "Pin It" button, and it will automatically go to the board I want it to go to.

It is also a great way to search for ideas, then you can repin other people's ideas.

It has become a marketing tool.

For some, it is a major time waster.

I have been pretty good so far of not getting too far sucked in to the Pinterest realm.

But I know I have to be careful!!


Morgan said...

I got a Pinterest because a lot of my friends had one and always told me how wonderful it was. When I joined, I was a little bit confused then suddenly I found myself finding recipes, crafts, and unrealistic home decor that I could never do. I got sucked in and found myself always on it finding ideas or checking out the humor. I finally weened myself off of being on it so much but it is a time waster and I don't have to be on FB checking out people's lives I don't particularly care for. Great blog by the way!

Carol Roberts said...

Thanks for your comment Morgan. I'm glad you like the blog. Yes, there are so many things on the Internet that can suck our time!! I am trying to be more careful lately of the time I spend on here.