Aaron Sorkin

I think Aaron Sorkin is one of the best talents in television today.

He writes and produces wonderful programs that make you think, make you laugh, and make you cry.

But mostly make you think.

And I like the way he thinks.

He believes in a better country, a better world.

Through his writing, you can see that he believes we can be better.

I saw this in "The West Wing".

I saw this in "Studio 60 in the Sunset Strip".

I saw this in "A Few Good Men".

I saw this in "The Newsroom".

And also in "The American President".

"Sports Night" was also a great show.

Maybe it is because we are contemporaries that I enjoy his work so much.

But I truly like the way he thinks, the messages that come out in his shows, and his hope for something better.

Thank you, Aaron Sorkin, for making television and cinema a little bit better the last twenty plus years.

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