Gathering Graces 4/3/2018

*It was a day of staying home and working on “office” type things.  I got a few things checked off my list, which was really nice.
*Taxes are done!  That has been hanging over my head for a while.
*Some letters I needed to write and send are done.
*My P.E.O. Chapter sells geraniums each spring as a fund-raiser.  All the money for my orders has been received, and I organized the order, and it is ready to submit at our meeting tomorrow night.
*One of the things Christy acquired from Mom was her roll-top desk.  They will be doing some home renovations soon, and the desk will not fit in their home with their new renovations.  So she asked me a few weeks ago if I wanted the desk.  I said YES!!  I am excited to have this desk, because I need a “personal business” desk.  I have my large flat desk in my office, but it is more of a “creativity” desk, for writing and spreading out projects on.  I need a desk with cubbies and drawers.  Then when I receive bills or receipts, they will have a certain cubby.  My checkbook will have a special place.  My bill paying notebook will have a special place.  Because my system right now isn’t working.  I feel like each month, when it is time to pay the bills, I am wondering, “where is my checkbook?”, “where is my notebook”, “why can’t I find the City of Kellogg bill?”  I hope this will remedy some of these problems.  Plus, when you have a roll-top desk, you can close the top, and not see all the papers until it is time to do personal business the next month, or when needed.  (I think I am putting a lot of faith in the magic of this roll-top desk!!)
*Throughout the day, I have watched Paul and his progress on the backyard projects.  Yesterday he worked on increasing our patio area behind the house by adding one more set of pavers.  I love sitting outside on the patio, and he is getting is all ready to we can enjoy that space once the weather starts getting a little nicer!!
*Today was my wonderful father-in-law Burt’s birthday.  He is 81 years young!!  He posts inspirational messages every day on Facebook, which I love reading.  I will be traveling down to Boise next week, and look forward to spending some time with my in-laws!!
*I found a great recipe for salmon patties that I made for dinner tonight.  Yum! Yum!

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