Gathering Graces 4/19/2018

*Kind of a catch up day at school today.  It is always nice having those days.  I also met with some parents and students regarding financial aid, and explaining what kind of student loans are good, and not so good.
*After school I spent some time glazing my recently fired ceramic pieces.  It was fun starting to figure out what colors I wanted to use on each of the pieces.  I didn’t get done, so will get back to glazing more soon.
*I loved having the sun out again today.  It felt wonderful.  I actually was able to open our sliding glass door to let some fresh air in the house this afternoon. 
*Zoe called and we had a wonderful conversation about an appointment she had at Boise State University.  Zoe is looking into starting a Master’s program next year so she can get her teaching certificate.  I am so excited for her and her passion for helping the students she currently works with as a para-professional at Meridian Middle School. 
*Spring has definitely arrived at our house here in Kellogg.  I love exploring in the backyard and seeing what is coming up.  Some of the daffodils are getting ready to bloom.  Crocuses have come and gone.  Daylily plants are coming up.  The roses I planted last fall are showing new growth.  The willow bushes have buds.  I can’t wait until my forsythia blooms.  I love the cheery yellow flowers on that bush.  The birds have also arrived, and I love to hear their chirping and cooing and chatter as they fly around the backyard.

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