Gathering Graces 4/23/2018

*After a beautiful morning walk, enjoying the morning sunshine, I came home and got ready for my 8 a.m. dentist appointment.  I was fitted for a temporary crown this morning.  Not the most exciting way to spend the morning, but I survived!!
*When I arrived home, the Watts Electric truck was in the driveway, meaning our new refrigerator/freezer was back.  The adjustments Paul made to the space in the kitchen where the refrigerator goes worked, and Brock and Sherri were able to slide the new appliance up against the wall.  I can’t believe I am so excited to get a new appliance.  But I loved hearing the ice being made in the ice maker.  I loved filling up a glass of water from the dispenser.  It was nice to start bringing food up from the basement fridge and put it in the new one. 
*I had a list of items I wanted to accomplish today, and I did a pretty good job at getting them done.  I had some work items to tend to, some personal items, and things were checked off my list.
*When 2 p.m. rolled around, it was Toby’s turn for his appointment.  He had a Senior Wellness Check at Kellogg Pet Medical Center.  It is apparent he needs to have a good teeth cleaning, so we will set up an appointment for that to be done in the near future.  He also had some blood work done, and we will receive the results tomorrow.
*I spent a little time outside today, soaking up the sun.  It felt really nice.  I love that the weather has turned, and we have more sunny days ahead.
*In the later afternoon I received a text from my Bran Muffin, Brandon Church, wondering if Paul and I were home and if he could come for a visit.  I said of course, come over.  So he showed up and we had a nice visit about his new job as a 911 dispatcher in Lincoln County, Montana, and how much he enjoys his job, and how good he is doing.  Paul and I plan to go visit him after school is out.  After our visit with Brandon, Paul and I sat down to dinner.  I found a recipe for low carb Swedish Meatballs that was delicious!

Paul and I with Bran Muffin.

*Earlier in the day, I had texted my friend Christina to ask her a couple of questions, and she texted back that we should talk on the phone tonight, and wondered if that would work.  I said, yes it would. We had a lot of catching up to do, because we talked for over two hours.  It was fun talking, and we plan to do that much more often now that she lives in Seattle.  I hadn’t had a good belly laugh, the kind of laugh that only friends who have known you most of your life can cause, for a long time, and it felt really good to laugh together.

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