Gathering Graces 4/21/2018

*It was a bright and early morning for Christy and myself as we climbed in my car and drove to Moscow for a wonderful Mom’s Weekend Saturday with Molly and Cosette.  We stopped for coffee at Brewed Awakening in Pinehurst, then off to Moscow.
*We arrived at our first destination and met Molly and Cosette at Wild at Art to begin our first of many events for the day.  This event was titled Mimosas and Masterpieces.  We were provided an idea, a canvas, paint and brushes to create our own masterpieces.  As you can see in the photo above, we all had our own unique way of expressing our creativity. 
*Our next stop was Greenhouse 201, put on by the Plant and Science Club at the University of Idaho.  We learned about transplanting trees and bedding plants, and then were given a pot and soil, and the choice of three plants to create our own hanging baskets.  Here is what each of us created.

So fun creating these beautiful baskets.
*After leaving the greenhouse with our lovely baskets, (and we each received a free Cosmo plant as well), we visited the U of I Bookstore.  I got a great deal on a U of I Sweatshirt, and found my son-in-law Travis, who also attend U of I, a U of I t-shirt, because last Christmas when we were getting our Christmas card photos taken, he did not own a U of I t-shirt.  So now he has at least one.....and it is a Star Wars themed shirt so how can you go wrong with that?  We also ran into our friends John and Teresa Hill Baillie, who were in Moscow to Mwatch their granddaughter’s soccer match. 
*After leaving the bookstore, Molly gave us a tour of West Park Elementary, the school where she works as a para-educator.  What a wonderful school.  It was so inviting walking into the building, and I loved seeing the place where she works.

Molly's desk at West Park Elementary...and some flowers she received.

*We had reservations at 4 p.m. at Nectar, so we drove to downtown Moscow and met our friend and former neighbor Jill Rinaldi for dinner.  The food was delicious, and we had a wonderful time catching up with Jill and enjoying a wonderful end to our day.  I had Manilla Clams for dinner.  They were YUMMY!!  We also ran into one of Cosette’s friends Elna Albano, who works at the restaurant.  It was fun to visit with her for a few minutes and find out what her plans were after she graduates in a couple weeks.

Manilla Clams

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