Gathering Graces 4/11/2018

*The day was spent in beautiful downtown Ketchum, Idaho at my final Gear Up meeting as a Site Coordinator.  It was a really great day, and I met some really wonderful people, and said goodbye to others.  There is a possibility I may have a bit to do with Gear Up next fall.  We will see.
*All the coordinators received “parting gifts” today.  The gift was a Rocketbook Everlast.  It is a notebook that you write in, but then you can upload the content to a file on your computer or “the cloud”, and then erase it, so you can continue to use the notebook, but file away the content you wrote.  I can’t wait to play around with it more when I return home.  If you want to know a little more about this, you can go here.

*After our meeting, I returned to my room and relaxed a bit, then went walking around the Sun Valley Village.  I went into a little shop and found a few items I just couldn’t live without!!  Then I attended a workshop giving information on how to write the next Gear Up grant for our school district, because I said I would help with the process.
*The workshop ended, and for the next few hours I spent with two friends from college who live in the area.  We were all in the same Tri-Delta pledge class at the University of Idaho.  The last time I saw both of them was four years ago, the last time I attended this same conference here in Sun Valley.  What a joy to get caught up with them.  This may sound a bit corny, but you truly do have a special bond with girls you lived with for four years in the same place during college.  Becca and Jennifer are two very special, beautiful women, and I am so glad we were able to get together.  We also spent some time talking about a Class of 81 pledge class reunion that is in the works for the fall in Boise.  I am so excited for this to happen!!
*Recently Becca celebrated her birthday, so Jennifer came bearing a bday gift for Becca, and a gift for me....a pair of really cool socks!! 

*It was hard to end the lovely evening, but I hugged my friends and said goodbye, and walked back to the Sun Valley Lodge, and got ready for bed.
*As many of you are aware, Paul does not like it when I am gone.  He shares this through song.  This morning he sent me the Hall and Oats song, She’s Gone, as he sang along to the words.  (He only really knew the chorus).  Tonight, I was sung to sleep as he sent a message with One is the Loneliest Number.  Oh, I do love my crazy husband.

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