Gathering Graces 4/17/2018

*I am really looking forward to the weather getting better so Nikki and I can get out walking again.  Monday it was pouring down rain.  This morning it was raining, and the forecast said it could snow.  My legs were letting me know today they needed to get out and move!! 
*This morning we had a NHS meeting, and are preparing for the upcoming induction ceremony next week.  It is always exciting when we get to induct the new members.
*Nancy Larsen, our curriculum director, came to KHS and we sat down and talked about the process of writing the next Gear Up grant for the school district. She is such a wonderful lady, and I always enjoy talking with her.  It was a good conversation, and it got the ball rolling on this grant process.
*I took my lunch break up in Wallace today at the Sierra Silver Mine Tour.  It is so exciting seeing the changes in their new location on Bank Street.  I am going to take over the social media aspect of the business, so I worked with Sue, the SSMT director, to get things going with all of that. 
*When I got home, I continued watching some Midsomer Murders, and I have had a few people recommend Call the Midwife, so I started watching that program, too.  It is really good as well.
*As I shared yesterday, I have been feeling a bit down.  This carried in to the evening tonight.  I was feeling very despondent.  That would be a good word to describe it.  I appreciated everyone’s comments yesterday.  Those made me feel better, and encouraged.  But by early evening, all I wanted to do was crawl in bed and sleep.  So I did.

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