Gathering Graces 4/22/2018

*This beautiful day began with church this morning. 
*When I arrived home, I made lunch, and watched some TV.
*Payday was Friday, so that means it is time to pay bills.  I spent some time getting my new roll top desk organized so next month when I pay bills, everything will be in one place.  It felt good to get that task taken care of today.
*The curtains in our bedroom had a rather unsightly amount of dust on the top of them, so I thought today would be a good day to take them down and wash them.  Plus, it let a lot of light into the bedroom while I was in there working.  I realized I would probably need to get some sort of desk lamp to put on the roll top desk so I can see better while working at it.
*In the meantime, Paul was doing some cutting away at a wall in our kitchen, preparing for the new refrigerator/freezer to make its appearance once again on Monday morning, and hoping that now it will fit.  He is going to be at the house in the morning to make sure that happens.
*Zoe called and we had a nice visit about her plans for the summer, and what she is going to do.  We are happy that a couple of her weeks this summer include a visit to Kellogg.
*When Paul headed over to The Bean to have some coffee and meet with some friends to discuss a book (yes, men form book clubs, too), I cried my way through more episodes of Call the Midwife.  When he got home, we barbecued a London Broil on the grill, and enjoyed a delicious meal.  I hadn’t picked up my knitting it a while, so I did some knitting on the shawl I am working on.  That felt good.  Then I got the curtains hung back up and got ready for bed.

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