Sibling Assignment 2015.2: The Humor of My Mom #3siblings

I gave this week's sibling assignment.  I knew our assignment would be posted around Mom's birthday, so I thought it should be about her.  Bill's post is here, and Christy's post is here.

This is our assignment this week:

Write about something that you realized about Mom when you were an adult, than didn't occur to you when you were a child growing up.

There were many realizations about my mom that happened when I became an adult.  One of them was realizing she had a great sense of humor.

Growing up, I think my dad's sense of humor and joking around overshadowed Mom's humor.  I guess I always thought of Dad as the funny parent.  I never saw Mom in that light.

But one day I realized that Mom had a funny sense of humor, and was rather playful.

I think I really started seeing it once I had children, and watching her interact with my daughters.  I still remember the shock of seeing my mom get down on the floor to show Molly how to roll over when she was just a baby.  This was a side of Mom I had never experienced.

And all of a sudden, Mom was throwing out funny one-liners that cracked us up.

Her humor was much different than Dad's humor. 

It is fun to be with Mom and laugh and joke around.

As I visit with her friends and people who know her, I also see her fun and humor through their stories they share with me about Mom.

Mom is a true gem, and her humor makes her shine ever so brightly.

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