1/9/15 Blessing: The Gray Has Lifted

Ever since Thanksgiving I have been in a bit of a funk.  A little out of step.  A bit off.

The holiday season is usually a busy time, but this year I just felt unusually overwhelmed.

I had to not do some things we usually do during the Christmas season, because I just didn't have the energy to do it.

It was weird.

I probably was a bit depressed.

Some people describe their depression as a black hole.

I would describe mine more like a gray fog.

And for some reason, I could tell yesterday the fog was lifting.

I can't really explain what happened, I just know something changed.

It is like driving down the road in the fog, and all of a sudden, you break through the fog, and the sun is shining.

That is what it felt like.

What a blessing to have the gray lifted.

1 comment:

Nita Jo said...

How well I recognize "the fog" and am happy you are seeing the sunshine peeking through again! Bless you, my dear friend!