1/15/2015 Blessing: Booth and Bones

I have been catching up on the seasons of "Bones" that I have not seen on Netflix recently.  The last time I watched this show, Bones had proposed to Booth, and but their nemesis Pelant told Booth he would kill five innocent people if they got married, so he had to postpone the wedding.

This was back at the end of season 8.

Last night I was blessed to have Paul by my side as we sat on the couch to see Booth and Bones bring down their nemesis, finally get married (of course I cried), and go on their honeymoon.

Paul had worked late at school, but when he arrived home, he settled down next to me, and we watched the episodes up through the honeymoon.

It was so relaxing, enjoyable and comfortable to be all alone in our house, watching some good TV.

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