1/5/15 Blessing: SNOW DAY!!

Friday the snow really started falling here in the Silver Valley.  We got about a foot here in Kellogg.  Then the temperatures changed, and the rain started falling on Sunday night.

And Kellogg was now a soggy, slushy, slippery mess.

And since the situation was so hazardous, we got a message early Monday morning that said this:

Due to hazardous conditions, there will be no school today. (Monday Jan 5).

January 5th should have been our first day back to school after our Christmas break.

We had just had 16 days off.

And now we got one more.

I'm not sure why it felt so good to have a snow day.  But it did.  It was a blessing.  It gave me a chance to get some things done that I had been putting off for the last 16 days.  It gave me one more day to refuel and rejuvenate before going back to work at Kellogg High School.

It was nice having that one extra day.

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