1/13/15 Blessing: My New Crockpot

I love my new CrockPot.  What a blessing this has been to cook with the past few weeks.

I have an old CrockPot that was a wedding gift, given to us in 1986.  It still works, but it is small, and I was ready to get a bigger one.

So I put it on my Christmas list, and Mom was generous enough to give Paul and I a new Crockpot for Christmas.

So far, I have used it to made Red Curry Lentils, French Onion Soup, and to keep a big pot of pasta warm.

I like having a bigger crockpot, so then, when I do make a pot full of some kind of dish, there is more than enough to take over and share with my mom and brother.

I have a Pinterest board completely dedicated to Crockpot recipes, especially ones that have no meat.

It cleans up easy, and the Crockpot's stainless steel matches the rest of the kitchen.

I look forward to many more hearty meals prepared in my new Crockpot.

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