1/4/15 Blessing: Zoe Hangout

I love how technology brings us closer to our loved ones, especially when they are miles and miles away.

For the last week, our middle daughter Zoe has been in New York City.  She was leading a group of about 15 students to help and serve others in the city.  She was very busy, so we didn't talk much throughout the week.

But she returned home Saturday night, and Sunday night we had a Google Hangout.  We hooked the computer up to the television, so we could all see and hear Zoe on the TV, and Paul, Molly, Coco, her friend Sidnee and myself could all talk and communicate with her on her laptop.

It was a blessing to hear about all her experiences feeding others in a soup kitchen, preparing meals for people with AIDS and other chronic ailments, to hand out food to others in a pantry, so visit with some New Yorkers who had lived in the East Village most of their lives, and get the history of the area, to hear stories of how different organizations help the homeless population in NYC. 

To hear what is was like being one of over a million people who spent New Year's Eve in Times Square.

To see her smiling face on the screen toward the end of our conversation, when she shared about how good and accomplished she felt after leading this group all week on this trip.  She should feel proud about all she did.

I am blessed to have a daughter with Zoe's heart who wants to serve God by serving and helping others.  I am looking forward to see what her next ministry opportunity will be.

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