1/18/2015 Blessing: Ham and Bean Soup

Mom took the leftover ham from her birthday dinner the night before, and added it to some beans, and made a delicious ham and bean soup for all of to enjoy.

Mom's ham and bean soup....delicious!!
There was some bread and salad to accompany the soup, and some lemon  angel food cake Mom's neighbor Jane brought over to her, because she knows Angel Food cake is her favorite.

The comfort of ham and bean soup was a real blessing on a cold January night.

And the conversation after dinner with Mom, Bill, Christy, Paul and I was also enjoyable, spanning a variety of topics including the Seahawk football game, what does being an Introvert mean, and what were some of our funniest moments from Saturday Night Live that we enjoyed?

Tidings of comfort and joy were present at Mom's house tonight.

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