1/8/2015 Blessing: Helping Hands

Tonight we were scheduled to have worship team practice at church to go over some songs.  During the Christmas season we don't meet, so we wanted to get together and go over the songs.

When we arrived, our worship leader Chris was already there, and we started looking at the keyboard, which gets put on the floor during Christmas season to make room for the Christmas tree on the platform.  When Simon, our drummer, arrived, he and Paul decided to take the tree down.  Chris had already started taking some of the decorations down around our choir loft.

Throughout the evening, we all pitched in and took the tree down, vacuumed the platform, got the keyboard in place, moved the drums out, and got a lot done.  Simon and Paul also got all the microphone cords organized, and everything looked good on the platform, while trying a new look with the keyboard in a different position.

While Chris and I sang through some of our new songs, Simon and Paul listened and sang along while they worked on making the platform looked more organized.

It was a very fruitful night at church, pitching in and helping get things done, even though that wasn't our intent at all. 

Working together to make things better is always a good thing.

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