1/19/2015 Blessing: Warmth

Today I am blessed by the warmth in my home.

This occurred to me as I was in my kitchen and bent down toward the floor to pick something up, and felt the heat coming through one of the vents.

The feeling was so nice.

Heat is something we often take for granted, because we usually have a furnace that keeps our homes warm.

And this winter we have had the added bonus of a fire in our fireplace most nights.

My bedroom is cold, but that is a choice I make, because I like a cool bedroom.  The room across the hall from my bedroom is also cold, but we have an electric fireplace in there that heats it up very quickly.

One winter our forced air furnace did quit working, but we are fortunate again,  We have electric heat in our ceiling that kept us warm until the furnace got fixed.

As I snuggle down under my covers at night, my thoughts often wander to those not as fortunate as myself.

Those who do not have the choice of choosing to have a cool or warm bedroom.

Those who may not have a warm blanket they can snuggle under.

I never want to take the warmth I feel in my home for granted.

One of my favorite blankets that helps keep me warm.

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