Gathering Graces 7/27/2018

*Today at work I talked to a woman from New Plymouth, Idaho.  They were visiting North Idaho on their vacation.  I loved hearing her talk about how this area is now her new favorite place.  How could you not love visiting North Idaho???
*Diana Margason stopped in the SSMT gift shop today to look around.  She works at Kellogg High School.  It was nice seeing her, and we talked some about some of the changes happening at KHS. 
*As I was talking to another person at work today, he was asking about my work, and I started telling him that I actually work three jobs at moment, with a fourth on the horizon.  Yikes!!  No wonder this summer has been a bit crazy.  My KHS job will be officially done by the end of August.  My SSMT job is done in October.  Then I can focus on just two jobs, my VIPKID job, and the new venture Paul and I will be working on this fall. 
*Speaking of VIPKID, I have not started teaching yet.  There is still some prep work to do.  Tonight I worked on a video that I need to have submitted by tomorrow to see if I can be a teacher for 4 and 5 year olds.  I should know in the next couple of days if I qualify.  Once I find this out, I will start scheduling times to teach classes.  I am getting really excited.
*Pray for our friends from Montana, Paul and LeAnn Vorhes.  Paul is recovering from some health issues.  Pray for his family and wisdom for the doctors as well.  Thank you!!

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