Gathering Graces 7/23/2018

*This morning Paul and I went to Kellogg Middle School and enjoyed being a part of the first day of the “Dare to Imagine” summer camp.  We started off the morning with around 60 or so first and second graders, teaching them the Bible story about Jesus and the ten lepers.  (We had to explain to them the difference between lepers and leopards).
*Then we had two different groups of third and fourth graders we worked with, helping them learn about moving your body, using your voice, developing characters, and being on stage.  I always enjoy working with students who enjoy doing drama activities.
*We were home by 1:30 p.m., and took some time to relax.  Later I started preparing the menu for family dinner tonight.  Debbie had told me about some grass fed beef kielbasa sausages they sell at Costco.  I found them during our last trip, and cut them up and fried them  in pan, then added a jar of sauerkraut.  I also cut up some zucchini, mushrooms, yellow pepper and cherry tomatoes and put some oil, vinegar, herbs and spices on them so Paul could grill them.  Paul also grilled some Romaine lettuce, and I dressed them up with some cherry tomatoes, fresh basil, fresh grated cheese, and a bleu cheese vinaigrette I created.  It was wonderful having everyone gather around our patio table and enjoy dinner and conversation. 

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