Gathering Graces 7/10/2018

*Last night is a night I do not want to repeat any time soon.  Last night I helped our dog Sadie through an evening of hourly seizures.  At around 10:15 p.m., everything was  routine.  Paul is in Meridian, so I am home with all the pets.  I am getting ready to start another Blue Bloods episode, and Sadie is sleeping under the hearth of the fireplace, where she usually sleeps.  All of a sudden, she starts having a seizure.  Sadie doesn’t have seizures.  It lasted 1-2 minutes, and then she stopped, and recovered fairly well.  I called our vet Dr. Cook and he told me some things to do.  About an hour later, she had another one.  Again, I called Dr. Cook back.  He said to stay with her throughout the night, and bring her into the clinic first thing to have her checked out.  Because the seizures were short in length and around an hour apart, he said they would not harm her.  So Sadie and I had a routine throughout the night.  She would have a seizure.  I would hold onto her through the seizure.  Once it stopped, I would let her down, and she would pant, and pace around the room.  But she would eat and drink, and did go outside to go to the bathroom a few time.  Eventually she would settle down, and once she drifted off to sleep, this was when another seizure would come.  They were always about an hour apart.  Needless to say, I did not sleep alot throughout the night.  Neither did Sadie.  The report from Dr. Cook is that he thinks she ate something toxic.  I suspect it was in our backyard during the evening.  He gave her activated charcoal to help flush out whatever was in her system.  Her bloodwork overall looked good, but the liver levels were a bit high, and could be because of trying to flush out the toxin.  They gave her seizure medication when she arrived at the clinic, and she didn’t have any seizures all day.  We will continue with the medication for a few days.  But overall, she is doing very well, and I hope whatever it was that caused the seizures has left her body, and she will not have to go through that again.  It is heartbreaking to see your pets go through something like that.
*What would my work day be like today with only a couple hours a sleep?  Actually, it went better than I thought.  I kept busy, and my brain actually functioned pretty well.  It really hit toward the end of the day as I was getting ready to leave, and go get Sadie from the clinic.  I arrived home, and dropped on the couch and napped a bit.  I did a little watering outside, then was in bed fairly early.  I really think my healthier eating helped me survive this day better than I would have in the past.  I had my “Keto coffee” to help me get through the morning.  I had a nice healthy salad for lunch, along with fresh picked raspberries from the garden.  I had my “Fermented Green Supreme Food” drink early afternoon, followed by my Yerba Mate drink.  Plus lots of water.  And I survived the day!!
*I am very grateful for the way things turned out with Sadie.  I was praying all night long she would be okay.  And it looks like she will be.
*Today I also got notification that I am a VIPKID teacher, and I can start scheduling classes to start teaching.  I will sit down on Thursday, and work out all the details regarding setting up class times, and what I need to do. I am very excited to start this next adventure!! A big shout out to Megan Mills who shared this information with me, and helped me through the process of getting hired.  I you are curious about VIPKID, let me know, and I can share more about how I got hired.

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