Gathering Graces 7/15/2018

*Happy 24th Birthday to my daughter Zoe!!   Zoe is a beautiful young woman who is doing amazing things working with students at Meridian Middle School.  I couldn’t be more proud of her!!  Praying special blessings to you on your 24th year on this planet.
*I slept in a bit this morning after being wide awake for a while in the middle of the night.  So I rushed around to get my things done in the morning, and then packed up my work bag and headed to Wallace to the Sierra Silver Mine Tour office.  In the aftermath of the Wallace Blues Festival that had gone on this weekend, it was a pretty good day, with a steady stream of people taking the mine tour and buying ice cream and coffee.
*Molly was here at the house for most of the day before she headed back to Post Falls.  I didn’t get to see her, but she did take this cool photo of Clark, who now likes to climb up on top of our arbor.  Oh Mr. Clark!!

*After work I drove to Bill and Debbie’s house.  They hosted family dinner tonight, and Debbie prepared a nice “salad bar” that was just right and hit the spot.  It was nice to visit with everyone, and catch up.  Later we came home and Paul and I worked some on what we will be doing next week for the Dare to Imagine Summer Camp, where we are in charge of the Drama activity.  What a great opportunity to love on some kids for a week.
*The birthday girl called and we visited with her for a while.  It was fun to visit with her, and she had a really good birthday.
*Also heard from Cosette.  We found out her and her boyfriend Taylor are starting a painting business.  They realize they love to paint, and, besides the painting company they currently work for, they are doing side jobs as well.  You can find them on Facebook or Instagram at @saphirepaintco. 

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