Gathering Graces 7/17/2018

*I loved the fact that a teenage girl from Switzerland, traveling with her family in the USA, wanted to buy souvenirs in Wallace, Idaho to take back to friends and family.  Part of the reason I love working where I do is the variety of people I meet, and the variety of places where they live.  So far this summer I have met people from Switzerland, Australia, UK, Boston, Arkansas....to name just a few. 
*I got home from work, I was looking on the computer and kept falling asleep.  Instead of fighting it, I laid down on the couch and took a half hour nap that seemed to help revive me for the evening.
*As I was walking around the yard, surveying the gardens, I got a call from Zoe.  We had a great talk, and she shared about a job she is thinking of applying for, and it was exciting talking to her about it, and I think she would do a marvelous job if she gets it.  I pray it all works out for her.
*The Swiss Chard was look fabulous, so I decided to pick some and fry it up for dinner to go along with the drumsticks Paul had grilled earlier.  Paul had a meeting at church, so when he arrived home, we ate some chicken and Swiss Chard.  Yummy!!!
*During dinner, Paul and I had a great discussion about how we are going to approach teaching our lessons at the Dare To Imagine camp next week.  We really want to incorporate the art of storytelling into each and everything we do.  It will be fun in the next few days to plan out our lessons and activities.

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