Gathering Graces 7 1 18

*Happy July...the beginning of my birthday month!!  I have already been showered with lots of birthday love while here in Meridian!!
*I woke up and took a very peaceful walk on this beautiful morning.  I made it down to Ten Mile Road and back again, and it felt really good.
*Linda was picking me up for church at about 9:20 a.m., so it was nice to have some time to leisurely get ready without feeling rushed.
*It was wonderful being at Legacy Church, and Pastor Ralph Lowe shared a sermon about all the different missions and outreaches they are helping with, and it was very inspiring how their church is touching Christian ministries all over the world.
*My wonderful friend and kindred spirit Anita Jo Jahner came to church, and we had made plans the day before to go somewhere for lunch.  We drove to downtown Meridian and each had a salad at Flatbread.  We had a fun visit, and spent a lot of time catching up.  Anita then followed me out to Laurie’s house so she could receive a tour of her new house.
*It was off to Nampa to attend my niece Karlie’s bridal shower.  It was a gathering of Karlie’s friends and family, and her sister Taylor did a wonderful job, with the help of Karlie’s bridesmaids, hosting the event.
*I returned to Laurie’s house, and had a great visit with Laurie.  Later we ate dinner at Panera Bread.  Both Laurie and I ordered their Green Goddess Cobb Salad, and it hit the spot!!
*Since tomorrow is another another part of the process of becoming a teacher for VIPKID, I spent most of the evening preparing for that by watching videos and taking notes, and making a list of what I need to do when I return to Kellogg tomorrow afternoon before my session at 8 p.m.
*Tammy McMorrow came over to go on a run with Laurie, and when they returned, we got in a discussion about books we have read, good or bad, and if we liked them or not.  Tammy faithfully keeps up on her Goodreads list, so I need to go check out her list, and get some other ideas of good books to read.

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