Up and Down the Stairs

Part of the town of Wallace, Idaho is built on a hill.

So, in order to help the residents go up and down the hills, Wallace built staircases up and down the side of the hill.  They have recently redone some of the stairs, and on Saturday, I traveled with April #1 to check them and, and climb up and down the staircases.

I have seen these stairs ever since I started working in Wallace in the summers, and I have always wanted to explore them, and had it on my list of things to do this summer.  So one more thing off my list has been accomplished.

 Seventh and Olive
  Seventh and Olive
  Seventh and Olive
 Seventh and Maple
Seventh and Pearl
 Seventh and Pearl
 Signage at Fifth and Bank Street
 Still working on stairs at Fourth and Bank St.
 Another sign at Fifth and Bank St.
 My friend April #2 is married to a relative of this Kiebert fellow
mentioned in this news article on this sign.  Her husband grew up in Wallace.
 April #1 descending and counting the stairs at Fifth and Bank Street.
 Beautiful View of Wallace
 Public Stairs
Fifth at Elm

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